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6 Best Things to Do in Sanur Bali That are Incredible

Sanur is well known as the little seaside town in Bali which offers a quieter slice of island. If you are planning to go there, don’t forget to find luxury boutique hotels Indonesia, especially luxury boutique hotels Sanur, Bali. After you find the best hotel, you can enjoy awesome things there. Here are 6 best and incredible things to do in Sanur Bali.

1. Admire the Charm of Blanjong Pillar
Blanjong Pillar is probably the best attraction is Sanur. It is a famous as well as being the oldest historical artifact in Bali. This place is recommended for you who like historical places. It is basically a stone inscription that was fashioned at the time of the first king of Bali, Sri Kesari Waemadewa.

2. Catch the Beautiful Sanur Sunrise
It is really worth to go to the beach for catching the sunrise. Besides, the Sanur beach is really amazing and enjoyable. We believe you will feel so peaceful, and have a start to the day that will make you feel amazing.

3. Walk along the Sanur Boardwalk
The Sanur Boardwalk is a paved walk which follows the Sanur beach. You may this boardwalk as a beach spot scouting mission, or even just enjoy being by the water. You can also walk for as much or as little as you feel like.

4. Relax on the Beach
Although the beaches in Sanur may be referred to as Sanur beach, it is a few beaches that make up this part of the coast. Some parts of these beaches are more swimmable than others, but by following the Sanur boardwalk you can find your spot and enjoy some beach time.

5. The Sanur Night Market
One of the most favorite things for visitors to do in Sanur at night is to go to the Pasar Sindhu Night Market. This is one of the better local food markets in Bali to eat at. Even though it is a small place, but it offers some tasty choices. You should try the martabak and the satay there. They are so amazing foods ever there.

6. Find the Best Place to Stay
If you are about to stay in Sanur for days, it’s better for you to get luxury boutique hotels Sanur. One of luxury boutique hotels Indonesia in Sanur is Maison Aurelia. It is a unique basis of Balinese charms and local heritage in the peaceful and romantic backdrop of Sanur.

That’s all about 6 best and incredible things to do in Sanur Bali. Make sure you get the best hotel for staying. Luxury boutique hotels Indonesia, especially luxury boutique hotels Sanur, Bali. You go to preference hotel Sanur to do it. Go check it to get a luxury hotel in Sanur that offers intimate experiences complete with personalized service that will ensure a blissful stay.
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